Swedes re-paint spotlight

Time for some Swede’s spotlight, and the re-paint prizes in particular.  Everybody seems to love Poe and we’re definitely no different.


This Poe repaint by Andreas Karlsson will be given as prize to one random participant during the tournament. 

Want a TIE Advanced that strikes out a little bit from the rest of the squadron? Maybe it’s piloted by no less than Darth Vader himself and if that is the case, a more striking ship is sometimes preferred.

TIE Advanced

Also painted by Andreas Karlsson, this ship will be given to one randomly determined participant from those not making it to the top cut.

First prize is actually two ships: One Ryloth Rancor – a YV-666 piloted by a Twi’lek bounty hunter – and its pup, Gibbit Bird – who has gotten its name from the creature that eats the leftovers stuck between a Rancor’s teeth.

Z-95 Pup


Both pianted by Peter Kraft – aka Rebel Painting.

Make sure you don’t miss the chance to lay your Imperial/Rebellious/Villainous hands on one of these beauties!





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